With more than 5 million members actively participating, caters to Europeans looking to meet online for a chance at love, although the website is open to singles across the globe. Their Charter of Trust provides all-inclusive commitments to members regarding personal information, the veracity of profiles, trust issues, peace of mind, and the security of confidential data. Offering a place for lovelorn singles to meet online since 1999, is currently considered the largest dating service in the UK.

Why and How It Works

With a wide database of hopeful singles from many walks of life, appeals to a diversified group of individuals, providing access to so many different personalities and age brackets that members have access to a large selection of possible matches. The site provides an easy-to-use interface, profile verification, and organized events for members – all of which are important to individuals who choose to meet online rather than at public locations.

While this dating website does not make use of personality tests, it offers “My Soulmate,”- a description of a member’s perfect match. A free trial registration is available, allowing new members to get a feel for the website and a taste of future romantic possibilities without financial commitment.

Features and Tools provides basic profiles featuring information such as birth date, location, nationality, relationship status, occupation, religious affiliation, and more. Members get to create a lifestyles profile (“My lifestyle”) that includes favorite activities, taste in music and films, and personal habits.

Profile personalization is simplified with the inclusion of quizzes other singles can take enabling members to find out more about each other and as an icebreaker identifying good matches.

A perfect match profile lists one or more characteristics members would like to see in a compatible individual. It offers a portrayal of their ideal candidate or the type of person they would like to meet online.

A “visits” box shows members those individuals who have looked at their profiles. Members can select “unavailable” in order to view people’s profiles without letting them know.

DatingDirect members communicate using instant messenger for personalized one-on-one chat sessions as well as email and video calls.

Members can include 5 portrait photos and 20 album photos, depicting themselves participating in favorite activities. Members determine the accessibility of all photos.

Access to a FAQ section and help system provides important answers to many topics. Advice is available online through an extensive assortment of dating tips including assistance on using the website, writing the profile, including photos, advice on member interactions, sharing tips, and advice on first dates.

Using an automated, non-scientific matching system, generates search results through specific searches using multiple criteria and the one-click option, which uses a single criterion such as location, soulmate, who’s online, and saved searches.

The view options include photo, main profile (main photo and basic info), and detailed (main photo, basic info, and personal ads.

Mobile dating is featured for those who like to meet online while on the go.

Joining provides access to a free trial membership that is extremely limited until you select upgrade package with access to all features. One month, three month or six month memberships are available with automatic renewal occurring 24 hours before expiration unless you cancel 48 hours earlier.

A “Find love” money back guarantee offers your subscription fee back as long as you provide proof that you have been actively searching and you signed up for this feature when you obtained your membership subscription.

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